Historical FIAF Publications

These documents are listed in the chronological order of their release.

FIAF 1938-1958, a brochure presenting the Federation and its affiliates (1958)

Annuaire/Yearbook FIAF 1964 (1964)

Film Preservation, A Report of the FIAF Preservation Committee, by Herbert Volkman (published for FIAF by the National Film Archive, London, 1965)

La Conservation des films (published for FIAF by the Cinémathèque royale de Belgique, Brussels, 1967)

Preservation of Film Posters, FIAF booklet written by Jan de Vaal (1967)

FIAF Union Catalogue of Books and Peridicals Published Before 1914 (1967)

FIAF Organigra(me)s, (Last uptated in 1972)

Guidelines for describing unpublished script materials, a recommendation of the Documentation Commission of FIAF, prepared by Eileen Bowser and published by the FIAF Secretariat. First edition (1974)

FIAF Directory of Film and TV Documentation Sources (1976), edited by Brenda Davies and John Luijckx for the Netherlands Filmmuseum and FIAF (1974)

The Preservation and Restoration of Colour and Sound in Films (ed. Herbert Volkmann, FIAF Preservation Commisison, 1977)

Symposium Varna:  29 May - 2 June 1977 - A book on the Influence of silent Soviet cinema on world cinema (1977) (French, English, German)

A Handbook for Film Archives, edited by Eileen Bowser and John Kuiper (1980)

FIAF Symposium Karlovy-Vary - 21/6/1980: Problems of Selection in Film Archives (1981)

L'Europe des Téléphones blancs 1935-1940, compte-rendu du Symposium historique à Rapallo à l'occasion du 37ème Congrès de la FIAF (1981)

Cinema 1900-1906 : An Analytical Study [Vol.1] (Proceedings of the 1978 FIAF Symposium in Brighton) (1982)

Cinema 1900-1906 : An Analytical Study [Vol.2] Filmography/Filmographie (Proceedings of the 1978 FIAF Symposium in Brighton) (1982)

Preservation and Restoration of Moving Image and Sound (FIAF Preservation Commission, 1986)

The Slapstick Symposium: 2 and 3 May 1985, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 41st FIAF Congress, edited by Eileen Bowser (1988)

50 Years of Film Archives 1938-1988, a book about FIAF published for its 50th anniversary. Includes descriptions of its 78 members and observers, and a historical account of FIAF's development (1988)

Rediscovering the role of Film archives : to preserve and to show, Papers and Debates of the International symposium organised by the Cinemateca Portuguesa on the occasion of the 45th Congress of the FIAF, Lisboa, April 21st and 22nd 1989. (1990)

Handling, Storage and Transport of Cellulose Nitrate Film, by the FIAF Preservation Commission (December 1991)

FIAF Classification Scheme for Literature on Film and Television, by Michael Moulds, 2nd edition edited by Karen Jobnes and Michael Moulds, FIAF, 1992

International Directory of Film and TV Documentation Collections, edited by René Beauclair with the assistance of Nancy Goldman, FIAF, 1994

Etude Internationale des Archives de la FIAF 1995 / FIAF Statistical Survey 1995, conceived and edited by Michelle Aubert and published by the Centre national de la cinématographie for FIAF (1995)

Le Jeu des catégories - The Categories Game, a survey by the FIAF Programming Commission offering listings of the most important films in various categories such as film history, film and the other arts, national production and works in archives (1995)

Newsreels in Film Archives. A survey based on the FIAF Newsreel Symposium. Edited by Roger Smith and Wolgang Klaue (1996)

FIAF Statistical Report - 2000, by Christian Dimitriu (2001)

Preservación Cinematográfica / Film Preservation, by Alfonso del Amo García (Head of the Technical Commission) with the collaboration of Joâo Sócrates de Oliveira, Brian Pritchard and David Walsh (FIAF Technical Commission, 2004)

FIAF Statistics: Global Figures for Everyday Use, by Christian Dimitru (2007)