FIAF Bulletin Online

The FIAF Bulletin Online (also known as the FBO) was launched in October 2011. Published twice a year (in June and December), this internal FIAF newsletter is available for online reading and can be downloaded as a PDF file via the publishing platform Calameo. Its aims are to relay FIAF affiliates’ important news (such as changes in personnel, key events and projects, recent or current film restorations, DVD/book releases, etc.), to report on FIAF projects and events initiated by the Executive Committee, the Commissions, and the Secretariat, and to provide practical information about FIAF generally. Although the intended core readership of the FBO is the staff of FIAF archives around the world, it can be of interest to a number of other professionals in the film heritage sector. All texts are published at least in English, and those sent to the FIAF Secretariat in French and/or Spanish are also published in those two languages. The FBO does not contain in-depth technical, theoretical, or historical articles, which are instead considered for publication in FIAF’s Journal of Film Preservation. FIAF affiliates should note that calls for news items are sent out by the Secretariat at the end of May and November, preceding the FBO’s publication.

The current and back issues of the FIAF Bulletin Online are accessible HERE.

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