Restoration Asia II in Singapore, 2015

Restoration Asia IV

Fukuoka, Japan

23-24 September 2017


Restoration Asia IV is a technical symposium hosted by the Focus On Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival, the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive and the Japan Foundation-Asia Center with the endorsement of SEAPAVAA and FIAF, Restoration Asia IV will showcase the work of archives, technical service providers and distributors, both from within and outside Asia, to highlight the measures being taken to preserve the audio-visual heritage of Asia. It is coordinated by Adrian Wood and designed for archivists, scholars, students and professionals as well as those with a shared passion for the preservation and restoration of Asian Cinema & its cinematographic history. It will take place in the "Movie Hall Ciné-là" associated with the Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive. On 23 September a guided tour will take place of the facilities of Fukuoka City Public Library Film Archive, a FIAF Associate.

You can now check for information about Restoration Asia IV and register on the official website. The full programme will be available on 31 August 2017.