FIAF Congress in Antibes, October 1957

FIAF's Historical Personalities:
The Online Memory Game

This game of memory will help you (re-)acquaint yourself with some of the personalities who have shaped the history of FIAF and the film archive movement. Your goal is to turn over the 10 pairs of matching cards of FIAF personalities below in as few moves and as little time as possible! Everytime you turn over two matching cards, you can read the short biography of that personality, highlighting in particular their contribution to the film archive movement and to FIAF. Don't worry, the clock stops while you read the biographical texts.

The 50 personalities hidden in this game include all past and present FIAF Honorary Members, as well as other figures who are recognized as having played an important role in the FIAF community over a significant period of time.

Once you have successfully paired the 20 cards in this game, you can enter your name or pseudonym to appear on the game’s overall leaderboard.

Good luck! And remember - you can play as many times as you want!

Biographical texts by Christophe Dupin, sometimes adapted from existing sources.

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