Past FIAF Congresses

Delegates of the 1953 Vence Congress

Please find below the list of all FIAF Congresses since 1939, along with Symposium themes, in reverse chronological order. The FIAF Secretariat is in the process of digitizing large amounts of historcial documents, including Congress documents. You can find a large selection of those already digitized HERE.


2019 Lausanne

Symposium theme: Past and Future of Film Archives.
Photos of the Congress are available HERE, courtesy of Mikko Kuutti (please note that these images are provided for personal use only and should include the following credit: Photo courtesy of Mikko Kuutti).
The full brochure of the Congress can be downloaded HERE (PDF file).

2018 Prague

Symposium theme: Sharing

2017 Los Angeles
Symposium theme: Spanish-language Cinema in Los Angeles
Photos of the Los Angeles Congress available HERE, courtesy of Mikko Kuutti (please note that these images are provided for personal use only and should include the following credit: Photo courtesy of Mikko Kuutti), and HERE, courtesy of A.M.P.A.S(please note that these images are provided for personal use only and should include the following credit: Photo courtesy of A.M.P.A.S).

2016 Bologna
Symposium theme: New Life for Cinema’s Past
Photos of the Bologna Congress HERE.

2015 Sydney / Canberra
Symposium theme: Fairly Legal
Intellectual Property, Content Regulation and Film Archiving: Where Are We Heading?
Photos of the Sydney/Canberra Congress HERE.
The programme and documents of the Symposium can be found HERE.

2014 Skopje
Symposium theme: World War I – A Hundred Years On
Photos of the Skopje Congress HERE.

2013 Barcelona
Symposium theme: Multiversions
Photos of the Barcelona Congress HERE.

2012 Beijing
Symposium theme: Animation around the World(Acquisition, preservation & restoration, access)
Photos of the Beijing Congress HERE.

2011 Pretoria
Symposium theme: Indigenous Film Collections in Africa and the World

2010 Oslo

Symposium theme: Digital Challenges and Digital Opportunities in Audiovisual Archiving

2009 Buenos Aires
Symposium theme: The Cinematheques in Search of Their New Audiences

2008 Paris
Symposium theme: Pandora’s Box: Film Archives and the Question of Rights

2007 Tokyo
Symposium theme: Archival Study of Short-lived Formats

2006 São Paulo

Symposium theme: The Future of Film Archives in a Digital Cinema World: Film Archives in Transition

2005 Ljubljana

Symposium theme: How Do We Visualise Culture? Representations of Culture in the Light of Ethnographic Film

2004 Hanoi

Symposium theme: No Time, No Money - Moving Image And Sound Archiving Under Emergency Conditions

2003 Stockholm - Helsinki

Symposium theme: Fading Colour Film - Preserve and Restore

2002 Seoul

Symposium theme: Asian Films: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

2001 Rabat

Symposium theme: Colonial Cinema: A Borrowed Film Heritage

2000 London

Symposium theme: The Last Nitrate Picture Show / The Futurology of Film Archiving

1999 Madrid

Symposium theme: A Century of Cinema / A Century in Cinema

1998 Prague

Symposium theme: Digitalisation of Archive Materials

1997 Cartagena

Symposium theme: Out of the Attic: Archiving Amateur Film

1996 Jerusalem

Symposium theme: The Rights Thing

1995 Los Angeles

Symposium theme: Learning from the History of FIAF / New Technologies for Preservation / the Great Challenges and Other

1994 Bologna

Symposium theme: A Philosophy of Audiovisual Archiving

1993 Mo I Rana

Symposium theme: Newsreels in Film Archives

1992 Montevideo

Symposium theme: Programming in Film Archives

1991 Athens

Symposium theme: The Place of Video in Film Archives / Film Archives and Independent Cinema

1990 Havana

Symposium theme: Film Archiving in Developing Countries / The Ibero-American Film of the 1930s, 40s and 50s

1989 Lisbon

Symposium theme: Rediscovering the Role of Film Archives: To Preserve and to Show

1988 Paris

Symposium theme: Le Cinéma français muet dans le monde: Influences réciproques

1987 Berlin (West)

Symposium theme: Archiving the Audiovisual Heritage (second Joint Technical Symposium, in collaboration with FIAT and IASA)

1986 Canberra

Symposium themes: Computer Applications in Film Archives / Technical and Ethical Problems of Film Restoration

1985 New York

Symposium theme: The Technicolor Process of Color Photography / Slapstick Symposium

1984 Vienna

Symposium theme: Film and Cinema in Central Europe (1895-1914) / The Importance of Non-Industrial Cinema within Our Cultural Heritage

1983 Stockholm

Symposium theme: Film Archiving in the 21st Century (first Joint Technical Symposium, in collaboration with FIAT)

1982 Oaxtepec

Symposium theme: El Cine olvidado de America Latina / Which Future for the Past? Keeping Cinema Alive

1981 Rapallo

Symposium themes: The Preservation of Color Films / L'Europe des téléphones blancs (1935-1940)

1980 Karlovy-Vary

Symposium themes: Post-War Animation (1945-1959) / Problem of Selection in Film Archives

1979 Lausanne

Symposium theme: Le Cinéma indépendant et d'avant-garde à la fin du muet

1978 Brighton

Symposium themes: Cinema: 1900-1906 / Film to Videotape and Videotape to Film: the Present and the Future

1977 Varna

Symposium theme: The Influence of Soviet Silent Cinema on World Cinema

1976 Mexico

Symposium theme: El Cine latinoamericano, realidad o ficción

1975 Torino

Symposium theme: Pastrone and Griffith

1974 Ottawa - Montreal

Symposium themes: Film Archives and Audiovisual Techniques / The Methodology of Film History

1973 Moscow

Symposium theme: S.M. Eisenstein & V.I. Pudovkin

1972 Bucharest

Symposium theme: Film Archives and Film Historical Research

1971 Wiesbaden

1970 Lyon

1969 New York

1968 London

1967 Berlin (DDR)

1966 Sofia

1965 Oslo

1964 Moscow

1963 Belgrade

1962 Rome

1961 Budapest

1960 Amsterdam

1959 Stockholm

1958 Prague

1957 Antibes

1956 Dubrovnik

1955 Warsaw

1954 Lausanne

1953 Vence

1952 Amsterdam

1951 Cambridge

1949 Rome

1948 Copenhagen

1946 Paris

1939 New York