FIAF Affiliates

There are currently two categories of FIAF Affiliates: Members and Associates. Representatives of Members and Associates officially meet at the Federation's annual General Assembly (usually held once a year, during the annual Congress). As of November 2023, FIAF has 94 Members and 78 Associates, in 80 countries.

FIAF Members

FIAF Members are "institutions with legitimate and primary responsibility for the preservation of an original moving image collection, which have resources to undertake this responsibility and will sign the FIAF Code of Ethics as a statement by which they agree to be bound. Members are also encouraged to organise the projection and the viewing of films, using copies specially made for this purpose, to provide facilities for the consultation of documentation, to collect and exhibit cinema artefacts, to publish film literature, and, in general, to develop a full range of non-profit-making activities related to the promotion and diffusion of film culture, from a historical, educational, and artistic perspective." (Article 4 of the FIAF Statutes and Rules). Legally, Members have a range of different statutes: government institutions, foundations, private associations, museums, universities, etc. This flexibility derives from FIAF's history, which has seen the convergence of very diverse initiatives in pursuit of a common ideal: film preservation.

The full list of FIAF Members can be found here.

FIAF Associates

FIAF Associates are "institutions active in a field related to the goals of the Federation, but they do not necessarily have care of a qualifying archival moving image collection. They will sign the FIAF Code of Ethics as a statement which they endorse in principle and agree to uphold." (Article 5 of the FIAF Statutes and Rules).

The full list of FIAF Associates can be found here.

About FIAF Supporters

Other organizations (such as foundations, museums, laboratories, companies, etc.) and individuals who feel committed to the preservation and dissemination of the audio-visual heritage but are not eligible for affiliation with FIAF, can join the FIAF Supporters programme, which was launched in 2013.