FIAF Affiliates

There are currently two categories of FIAF Affiliates: Members and Associates. Representatives of Members and Associates officially meet at the Federation's annual General Assembly (usually held once a year, during the annual Congress). As of June 2022, FIAF has 94 Members and 79 Associates, in 79 countries.

FIAF Members

The Members are archives whose principal object of activity is the collecting, cataloguing, preservation, providing access to and restoring of films and related documents. Members must satisfy the following conditions: they shall be bound in all official activities by the Code of Ethics, which implies that they must not make any commercial use of their films; the preservation of films must be one of the archive’s main activities, which requires specialized equipment and facilities, and specialized professional staffing, as well as the holding and the creation of preservation masters. But the Federation encourages them to pursue all activities which provide a real cultural dimension to their institution: projection and viewing of films, using copies specially made for this purpose; running a cinema library; publishing books, periodicals, and programmes; and collecting and exhibiting museum objects relating to cinema. Legally, Members have a range of different statutes: government institutions, foundations, private associations, museums, universities, etc. This flexibility derives from FIAF's history, which has seen the convergence of very diverse initiatives in pursuit of a common ideal: film preservation. As of April 2021, FIAF has 93 active Members. The full list of FIAF Members can be found here.

FIAF Associates

The Associates are non-profit institutions that have significant preservation programmes in areas related to film preservation (moving image museums, television and video archives, documentation centres, etc.) or non-profit institutions that hold collections of prints and support the goals of film preservation, but may have limited or no film preservation programmes. Specialized archives of various kinds would typically be Associates. Associates must endorse and uphold the principles expressed in the FIAF Code of Ethics. As of April 2021, FIAF has 78 active Associates. The full list of FIAF Associates can be found here.

About FIAF Supporters

Other organizations (such as foundations, museums, laboratories, companies, etc.) and individuals who feel committed to the preservation and dissemination of the audio-visual heritage but are not eligible for affiliation with FIAF, can join the FIAF Supporters programme, which was launched in 2013.