Escuela sobre ruedas

The concept of a mobile school for the preservation of moving images was born during the FIAF Executive Meeting in Seoul in 2002, as a response to the increasing demand for professional training around the world, taking account of the specific necessities and difficulties of specific regions of the world. Following the FIAF Summer School in Rochester in 2003, a group of FIAF colleagues undertook to define the concept. The travelling school would respond to the request of an archive or group of archives. While the Summer School is comprehensive, the travelling school would respond to the specific needs of each archive. More flexible in its format, the FIAF School on Wheels was born as complementary to the work of the Summer School. The role of FIAF, through its specialized commissions, consists of proposing the most competent teachers, organizing courses, and furnishing teaching materials.

The first experiments were very encouraging. Some workshops were held in 2002 in Mexico and Nicaragua. A second stage was inaugurated during 2004-2005, thanks to a project of the Filmoteca Española and the generous financial support of the Ibermedia programme. The School on Wheels was held in Buenos Aires, Lima, São Paulo, Mexico, Santiago de Chile, Madrid and Guatemala. Since 2005, the Ibermedia programme has generously contributed eight rounds of funding for “Escuela sobre ruedas”, which is still on-going today, as a partnership between FIAF, CLAIM and Ibermedia. Recently, the emphasis of those training events in Latin America has been on digital technologies.

The last “Escuela sobre ruedas” event was organized by Filmoteca de la UNAM in Mexico in late 2015. More information on this event can be found HERE.