P.I.P. Contributors

List of P.I.P. Contributors (since 1997)

In an ideal world this would be a complete list of all the people who indexed for the P.I.P. since 1972, when the project started. Unfortunately this was not possible, since there are simply not enough documents or lists in the P.I.P. archives available to make this happen

What follows here is a complete list of all the P.I.P. contributors who have worked for the P.I.P. over the last 25 years. The so-called ‘volunteer indexers’ (mostly but not exclusively working for FIAF affiliates) are listed alphabetically by country and institution, while the ‘freelance indexers’ (who are paid for their work) are listed in alphabetical order.

List of 'Volunteer indexers' (1997-2022)

List of 'Freelance indexers' (2006- 2022)