Programming and Access to Collections Commission

PACC in October 2018

As one of the FIAF Executive Committee’s three official sub-committees, the Programming and Access to Collections Commission (PACC) works on issues relating to archival access in the broadest sense. The focus for PACC in the next two- to three-year period will concentrate on:

  1. Legal Deposit and Voluntary Deposit – Archives’ negotiations with studios/distributors re voluntary deposit of unencrypted DCPs, including the lodgement of foreign works;

  2. Subtitling options – FIAF has encouraged the sharing of information and procedures for the creation of subtitles. PACC has been actively involved, and intends to revive practical discussions based on the availability to relevant interested FIAF parties.

  3. Access as a fundamental FIAF principle – PACC is well-placed to reinforce FIAF’s core commitment to the provision of access. At this stage of the 21st century, it is timely for PACC to respond to the FIAF Statutes & Rules revisions and address their practical application.

Recent PACC projects have included the publication of Torkell Sætervadet’s Advanced Projection Manual (2008) and FIAF Digital Projection Guide (2012), and the drafting of the FIAF Declaration on Fair Use and Fair Access (unanimously adopted by the FIAF General Assembly in Paris in 2008).

PACC's e-resources are accessible HERE.

To contact PACC, please email pacc@fiafnet.org.

Commission Members


Matěj Strnad, Národní filmový archiv, Prague



Chicca Bergonzi, Cinémathèque suisse, Lausanne (Deputy Head)

Peter Bagrov, George Eastman Museum, Rochester

Elaine Burrows, Consultant, London

Oliver Hanley, Filmuniversität Babelsberg, Potsdam

David Kehr, The Museum of Modern Art – Department of Film, New York

Brian Meacham, Yale Film Study Center, New Haven

FIAF Executive Committee Interlocutor: Brian Meacham