Programming and Access to Collections Commission

PACC meeting in Pordenone, Italy, October 2018


Founded as the "Commission for Programming and Cultural Uses" following a proposal ratified at the FIAF Congress in Havana in April 1990, the Programming and Access to Collections Commission (PACC) is the youngest of FIAF’s three specialized commissions. Its work deals with issues relating to archival access in the broadest sense.

In its first report to the General Assembly at the FIAF congress in Athens in April 1991, the commission laid out its mission statement as follows: "to set standards and provide guidelines for the programming of moving images: to make recommendations to FIAF archives for the most effective use of their viewing collections and screening resources; [and] to promote access to FIAF’s archival materials for research, study and recirculation."
Although the nature of archival access has evolved over time, with many new challenges and problems emerging along the way, PACC’s core mission remains to all intents and purposes the same.

Notable past projects include spearheading the JFP special issue Manual for Access to Film Collections (1997), publishing Torkell Sætervadet’s Advanced Projection Manual (2006) and the subsequent FIAF Digital Projection Guide (2012), drafting the FIAF Declaration on Fair Use and Fair Access (unanimously adopted by the FIAF General Assembly in Paris in 2008), as well as drawing up guidelines for archival collections policies.

Topics the commission has focused its attention on more recently include:
- Relations between archives and rights holders / distributors
- Legal and voluntary deposit of digitally-born non-national film heritage
- Training in analogue film projection
- Archival loans policies

Surveys and Calls that were recently issued by PACC can be accessed HERE, and PACC strongly encourages all affiliates to actively contribute to these surveys and calls so that the commission can better serve the FIAF community's needs.

The Advanced Projection Manual and FIAF Digital Projection Guide can be purchased HERE.

Archival documents on PACC and on the subject of programming at FIAF in general can be found HERE (restricted access for registered members only).

PACC's e-resources are accessible HERE.

To contact PACC, please email pacc@fiafnet.org.

Commission Members


Matěj Strnad, Národní filmový archiv, Prague



Chicca Bergonzi, Cinémathèque suisse, Lausanne (Deputy Head)

Oliver Hanley, independent researcher and curator, Potsdam

Otto Kylmälä, National Audiovisual Institute – KAVI, Helsinki

Samantha Leroy, Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, Paris

Stefan Ramstedt, Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm

Corresponding Members:

Antti Alanen (Helsinki), Nicholas Andueza (Cinemateca do Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro), Elaine Burrows (London), Dave Kehr (The Museum of Modern Art – Department of Film, New York), Annamaria Licciardello (Cineteca Nazionale, Rome), Brian Meacham (Yale Film Archive, New Haven), Tzutzumatzin Soto Cortés.

FIAF Executive Committee Interlocutor: Peter Bagrov

Past Commission members