FIAF Affiliation: Admission Procedure


When you are ready to proceed with your application for FIAF affiliation, please fill in this admission questionnaire (PDF file). Formal details about the procedure for candidates to follow are given in Rules 2 to 12 of the FIAF Statutes and Rules. Applicants are required to commit themselves formally to respecting the Statutes and Rules when they seek affiliation to the Federation.

The Executive Committee, which is in charge of examining new applications, meets twice a year, usually during the annual FIAF Congress in the spring, and once in the autumn. In order to be examined during one of these meetings, your application – which must be complete, with the filled-in and signed admission questionnaire, and all the other required documents – should reach the Secretariat in Brussels at least one month in advance of the next Executive Committee meeting. You are required to send the original copy of your application in the post, and to e-mail an electronic copy, to:

Senior Administrator
Rue Blanche 42 
1060 Brussels
Tel: 32-2 538 30 65
E-mail: info@fiafnet.org

Please note that it is very important that applicants address all the issues described in Rule 2 of the Statutes and Rules (reproduced below). Incomplete applications cannot be considered by the Executive Committee. You should not return your questionnaire without either providing all of the documents asked for or offering alternative evidence on these subjects. You will find a checklist in the questionnaire, as well as notes explaining the purpose of some of the requirements. Note also that the category of annual membership fee you are commited to pay will be determined by the reply you provide to question 6a of this admission questionnaire, regarding your institution’s current annual budget. The FIAF membership fee scale can be consulted HERE.

For more information on how to become affiliated to FIAF, or should you require assistance when filling in the admission form, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address above.

Rule 2 of the FIAF Statutes and Rules:

 Any institution or organization wishing to join the Federation must submit its candidature to the Secretary-General, indicating where possible if it wishes to acquire the status of Member or Associate.

 The application must be written in one of the official languages of FIAF, and be accompanied by documents demonstrating the legal status and financial profile of the applicant, the range of its activities, and its commitment to the goals of the Federation.

 Documentation to support an application must include:

 (a) a formal commitment to respect the Statutes and Rules of the Federation and its Code of Ethics;

 (b) (if the candidate is a governmental or semi-governmental organization, or if it is part of a larger organization) an official letter from the authorities or the parent organization endorsing the application, including the commitment given in (a) above;

 (c) detailed information on the source of its funds and a copy of its last annual balance sheet;

 (d) an indication of its principal official tasks, of the extent of its interests and areas of activity, of any possible specialization, etc.;

 (e) a description of its previous activities and a list of moving image and other materials in its care: films (national and foreign production), related documents, old apparatus, etc.;

 (f) a description of the preservation techniques and facilities at its disposal and an indication of the extent of its activities in this area. Applicants for the status of Member are expected to demonstrate a significant and ongoing commitment to audio-visual preservation as a priority area of activity. This would characteristically involve spending a significant percentage of their budget on acquiring and creating preservation-grade master materials and their storage under suitable conditions that meet the recommendations of the FIAF Technical Commission. It is, however, acknowledged that many film archives are seriously under-resourced, and that a candidate for affiliation may be unable to meet such a specific qualification. Such applications will be considered in the light of the candidate’s actual circumstances;

 (g) a description of its projection activities, if any;

 (h) a description of its links with the official authorities and organizations in its country, whether relating to film or not;

 (i) a description of any relations it may have had with Members or Associates of the Federation;

 (j) a copy of its deed of foundation, enabling legislation, or similar; and a copy of its statutes and rules.

 Where relevant, an applicant should also supply:

 (k) a copy of its business plan or mission statement;

 (l) examples of paper or electronic publications relating to its activities, such as screening programmes, collection catalogues, etc.;

 (m) a copy of its collection policy.