FIAF Affiliation Benefits

Once admitted as a FIAF affiliate, your institution, you, and your colleagues can enjoy the following key benefits:

  • Membership in a global archival community free from political, religious, ethnic, or sexual prejudice, whose affiliated archives share the same mission of collecting, preserving, documenting, and giving access to the world’s film heritage;
  • Access and ability to contribute to international standards and best archival practices, and the co-operation of the federation’s affiliates when engaging in exchange of elements for the purpose of screenings or restorations, as articulated in the FIAF Code of Ethics and the FIAF Statutes and Rules;
  • Support of the federation when faced with political, legislative, financial, or other external pressure;
  • Support and advice in the face of natural disasters and other force majeure;
  • Access to resources, best practices, and recommendations on all aspects of film archiving as developed by the federation’s specialized commissions;
  • Access to additional resources in a members-only area at the FIAF website (such as FIAF publications, the Treasures from the Film Archives database, historical resources, affiliates’ annual reports, statistical reports, databases, sub-titling network documents, etc);
  • Access to the FIAF Databases (International Index to Film Periodicals, International Index to Television Periodicals, Treasures from the Film Archives) at a reduced fee;
  • Information about, and access to, moderately-priced training events around the world, and possibility of applying for funding for internships in other FIAF archives;
  • Free participation by several delegates in the annual FIAF Congress, which includes a symposium, forums, workshops, and the General Assembly, in addition to the unique opportunity to exchange knowledge with fellow archivists around the world; possibility of applying for funding assistance to travel to the Congress ;
  • Eligibility for one of your archive’s representatives to run for the Federation’s Executive Committee, or to join one of its Commissions, to participate more fully in and influence the work of the federation;
  • Use of communication via the federation’s secretariat to all affiliates for preservation and research enquiries, or via news about your archive in the FIAF Bulletin Online;