FIAF Honorary Members


FIAF Honorary Membership is a distinction by which the Federation recognizes individuals who have given long and dedicated service to the Federation and supported its affiliates (Rule 42 of the FIAF Statutes and Rules). Honorary Members are nominated by members of the FIAF community and elected by the General Assembly. They may attend meetings of the General Assembly and be invited to Executive Committee meetings; they may take part in the discussion and put forward resolutions, but they do not have the right to vote. Honorary Members may also be asked by the General Assembly or the Executive Committee to fulfil certain missions for the Federation or to represent it.

Current FIAF Honorary Members:

Jose Manuel Costa

(elected 25 April 2024)

Robert Daudelin

(elected 6 June 2003)

David J. Francis

(elected 27 April 2001)

Edith Kramer

(elected 26 April 2018)

Peter Kubelka

(elected 29 April 2006)

Vladimír Opěla

(elected 10 May 2014)

Eva Orbanz

(elected 30 May 2009)

Roger Smither

(elected 26 April 2018)

Iván Trujillo Bolio

(elected 22 April 2023)

FIAF also remembers its dear departed Honorary Members: Michelle Aubert, Mary Lea Bandy, Iris Barry, Raymond Borde, Eileen Bowser, Harold Brown, Freddy Buache, Gianni Comencini, Jan de Vaal, Christian Dimitriu, Karen Jones, Wolfgang Klaue, Peter Konlechner, Einar Lauritzen, Ib Monty, Vladimir Pogačić, Miroslav Svoboda, Jerzy Toeplitz, Ove Brusendorff,  and Herbert Volkmann, as well as other FIAF pioneers such as Henri Langlois, Jacques Ledoux, and Ernest Lindgren.