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Benefits for FIAF Supporters

All FIAF Supporters enjoy the following benefits:

  • Presentation of your organization/company on a dedicated page of the FIAF website (with your logo, contacts, internet links, and a short introduction to your work and products);
  • The possibility to use the official “FIAF Supporter” logo on all your publications;
  • Three complimentary copies of the Journal of Film Preservation mailed to you twice a year;
  • 20% discount on all print FIAF publications;
  • 30% discount on the regular subscription price of FIAF Databases Online, which includes the International Index to Film Periodicals and Treasures from the Film Archives (handled by ProQuest);
  • 20% discount on advertising rates in the Journal of Film Preservation and further reductions if you purchase regular advertisements;
  • Booking priority and 20% discount on the price of commercial stands at FIAF Congresses;
  • Complimentary distribution of your promotional literature to all FIAF Congress delegates;
  • Early information on Congresses, symposia, workshops, and any other events organized by FIAF, and discounted rates to attend these events;
  • Your organization is officially listed in the FIAF Directory published every two years (including your logo and contact details);
  • Three complimentary copies of each new print edition of the FIAF Directory;
  • You receive all relevant e-mail notices sent to FIAF affiliates;
  • The possibility for your organization to communicate important requests and (non-commercial) news to FIAF affiliates via the FIAF Bulletin Online and occasional e-mails circulated by the FIAF Secretariat.