FIAF Directory

The printed version of the FIAF Directory provides contact details for all FIAF-affiliated institutions (Members and Associates), listed in alphabetical order under the names of the cities in which they are located. It also provides contact information for the FIAF Executive Committee, FIAF’s specialized Commissions, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Film Preservation, the FIAF Office in Brussels, FIAF Honorary Members, and FIAF’s partner organizations and Supporters.

To find contact information for any FIAF affiliates, you can also use the search engine of the online version of the FIAF Directory. You can search by name, institution, city, or country, or indeed by any word of more than three letters included in the Directory. Note that the online version of the FIAF Directory is updated regularly.

A new, updated version of the FIAF Directory is published in print every two years, usually in the months following the election of each new FIAF Executive Committee. The new edition of the FIAF Directory (2022) is now available.

The FIAF Directory can be ordered from the FIAF Secretariat and costs 15.00€ (plus VAT and postage).