1955 FIAF Congress in Warsaw

Archival FIAF Documents

The FIAF Secretariat in Brussels preserves a rich collection of historical documents about FIAF and the film archive movement going back to the 1930s. A increasing number of these documents (papers, photographs, videos, audio-recordings) have been digitized and are made accessible on the FIAF website. These documents have been organized thematically.

FIAF's Constitutional Documents

Historical FIAF Publications

FIAF News Bulletin (1955-1963)

Lists of FIAF Affiliates and FIAF Directories

Documents about FIAF Congresses (1939-2019)

Documents about FIAF Executive Committee Meetings (1946-1996)

Documents about FIAF Summer Schools

FIAF Publicity Leaflets

Audio-recordings of FIAF meetings (1975-1995)

Affiliates' Historical Annual Reports

FIAF's Union Catalogues, 1954-1988

Latin American Film Archives and FIAF

Documents about Programming and the FIAF Programming Commission