Journal of Film Preservation:
Latest Issue - #106, April 2022

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György Ráduly | 5


Living Proof. Exploring the Climate Crisis Through Archive Footage Emily Munro | 13

Fast Forward Thinking Will Save Our Digital Heritage Charles Fairall | 23

Non-Aligned Film Archives Annabelle Aventurin, Léa Morin, Nour Ouayda | 33

Laurent Bismuth (1965-2021) Christine Braemer, Eric Le Roy, Béatrice de Pastre | 45

Laurent Bismuth and FIAF Thelma Ross and Nancy Goldman | 49

Peter Bogdanovich (1939-2022) Laurence Kardish | 51

Vision and Determination: The Women Who Created FIAF’s Periodicals Indexing Project Rutger Penne | 55


David Francis Interview, Part II Rachael Stoeltje | 65

Tricolor, a System of “Natural Colours” Hernani Heffner | 83

Segundo de Chomón y Barcelona,una atracción renovada: a propósito del 150 aniversario de su nacimiento
95 | Rosa Cardona y Mariona Bruzzo

The Hong Kong Film Archive’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations
109 | May Ng and Kevin Choi

Museo Nazionale del Cinema. A New Digital Lab in an Old Cinematheque
117 | Gabriele Angelo Perrone


The Rise & Fall of Max Linder, the First Cinema Celebrity
124 | Richard Abel

Abel Gance, Charles Pathé. Correspondance (1918-1955)
126 | Louis-Jean Decazes

The Story of British Animation
129 | Chris Pallant

An International Study of Film Museums
132 | Stéphanie E. Louis

The 9.5mm Vintage Film Encyclopaedia
134 | Mirco Santi

Black and White Bioscope: Making Movies in Africa 1899-1925
136 | Emma Sandon

A Coleção Colonial da Cinemateca / The Cinemateca’s Colonial Collection
139 | Rui Lopes

Analoge Kinefilme und Kinefilmtechnik. Grundlage der Umsetzung der Digitalisierung von Kinefilmen nach DIN SPEC 15587
141 | Thomas Worschech

André Antoine au cinéma. Une méthode expérimentale
Alain Carou | 144

Thierry Zéno
David Vanden Bossche | 147

Henry Brandt. Cinéaste et photographe : un projet pluridisciplinaire qui se donne les moyens de ses ambitions
Natacha Isoz | 149