Technical Commission

Mission statement

The Technical Commission is FIAF’s professional board covering all technical aspects of photochemical and digital cinema, and its members are individuals who combine technical and scientific knowledge with practical experience in the field.

The Commission’s role is to provide technical information and advice in the field of archiving photochemical and digital film, to recommend restoration and preservation practices in agreement with the FIAF Code of Ethics, to provide support and guidance for film archivists, and to carry out or participate in original research.

An important part of the Commission’s work is to define principles and working practices in order to help archives adapt and plan ahead against a background of continual change by clearly defining the concepts of preservation and access as they relate to different carriers and formats.

The Technical Commission supports the research and dissemination of information regarding the historical practice and technology of moving images, as well as current and emerging technologies of conservation, restoration, and presentation.

The FIAF Technical Commission has a Head, a Deputy Head, and Commission members. In addition, the Commission is able to call upon the expertise of a wider circle of correspondents from various backgrounds.

The Technical Commission publishes glossaries, recommendations, and other resources on the FIAF website.

To achieve these goals, the members of the Commission meet regularly, conduct workshops, present and publish papers, and contribute to the Commission’s ongoing projects.

To contact the TC, please email tc@fiafnet.org.

Commission Members


Anne Gant, EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam


Caroline Fournier, Cinémathèque suisse, Lausanne (Deputy Head)

Camille Blot-Wellens, independent film archivist and historian, Stockholm

Tiago Ganhão, Cinemateca Portuguesa / Museu do Cinema, Lisbon

Rodrigo Mercês, Cinemateca Brasileira, Sao Paulo

Ulrich Ruedel, HTW / University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

Céline Ruivo, independent consultant, Paris

Kieron Webb, BFI National Archive, London/Berkhamsted

FIAF Executive Committee Interlocutor: Caroline Fournier