P.I.P. Guidelines

The purpose of FIAF’s Periodicals Indexing Project (P.I.P.) is to publish indexing in the International Index to Film Periodicals in order to enable users to find relevant information for their film research. It is essential for an international project to adopt uniform standards and working procedures. Guidelines have been compiled by the P.I.P. staff and are regularly revised.

The P.I.P. Indexing Rules give information on the general criteria for indexing and the indexing rules for the most common types of material to be found in film periodicals. The FIAFCat Indexing Procedures provide guidelines for using FIAFCat, the online indexing system developed for the P.I.P. Also included is a Country Abbreviations list.

Find here the latest versions of:


 P.I.P. Indexing Rules


 FIAFCat Indexing Procedures

 Country Abbreviations