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FIAF Secretariat

The FIAF secretariat's team in November 2019

The Secretariat hosts the administrative staff of the Federation, led by the Senior Administrator, as well as the two members of staff working on FIAF’s Periodicals Indexing Project (P.I.P.). Initially located in Paris and hosted by the Cinémathèque française from 1947 to 1960, the FIAF Secretariat moved to Brussels in 1968 and was for a time hosted by the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique. It is currently located at Rue Blanche 42, 1060 Brussels.

The Senior Administrator is appointed by the Executive Committee and is responsible to it. Under the supervision of the Secretary-General, he acts in the capacity of (a) permanent and responsible manager of the day-to-day administration and financial management of the Federation; (b) chief of the administrative personnel of the Secretariat and other employees of the Federation; (c) permanent legal representative of the Federation in the country of residence of the Secretariat.


FIAF contacts


Christophe Dupin
Senior Administrator

Elsa Degerman
Accounting and HR Assistant

Christine Maes
Administrative Assistant

Periodicals Indexing Project:

Rutger Penne
P.I.P. Editor

Anthony Blampied
P.I.P. Associate Editor


Tel: 32 (0)2 538 30 65 (FIAF)

Tel: 32 (0)2 534 61 30 (P.I.P.)

Fax: 32 (0)2 534 47 74




FIAF Training & Outreach Programme:

David Walsh
Training and Outreach Coordinator


Journal of Film Preservation:

Elaine Burrows

Lara Denil
Layout & Design

Christophe Dupin
Executive Publisher


Past Executive Secretaries / Senior Administrators:


Georges Franju


Zika de Malewsky-Malevitch

(born Zinaida Shakhovskaia)




Farrokh Gaffary


Catherine Duncan

1956-58 (acting)


Marion Michelle


Mayme Wheatley




Brigitte van der Elst


Christian Dimitriu

Previous locations of the FIAF Secretariat:

1938-1940: 2 rue de Montpensier, Paris

1947-1955: 7 avenue de Messine, Paris (hosted by the Cinémathèque française)

1955-1958: 19 rue de Spontini, Paris (hosted by the Cinémathèque française)

1958-1960: 82 rue de Courcelles, Paris (hosted by the Cinémathèque française)

1960-1961: 39 rue Vaneau, Paris (home of the Executive Secretary Marion Michelle)

1961-1967: 38 avenue des Ternes, Paris (home of French filmmaker Jean Painlevé)

1968-1980: 74 Galerie Ravenstein, Brussels (hosted by the Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique)

1980-1992: Coudenberg 70, Brussels

1992-1996: Rue Franz Merjay 190, Brussels

1997-2014: Rue Defacqz 1, Brussels