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Calendar of Forthcoming Training Events

This calendar lists all known forthcoming training events in the audiovisual archiving field, all around the world. The information it contains is taken from the CCAAA website. Should you want to add a training event to the calendar, please visit this page.

24 November - 03 December 2020
FRAME training course 2020 will be held online
FRAME is dedicated to the international community of professionals working in the field of audiovisual archives. The training sessions are designed for professionals involved in the management and use of archives whatever their level of knowledge and competencies, whether for media organizations, broadcasters, cinematheques, patrimonial institutions, production companies, etc.
Registration Deadline: 15 October 2020
24 November - 03 December 2020
FRAME training course 2020 will be held online
Organized by: Institut national de l'audiovisuel (FRANCE)
Contact:   frame@ina.fr 

In 2020, due to the sanitary crisis, FRAME face to face training sessions (FRAME Tech and FRAME Access) are replaced by a single online training session, organized in two parts, from November 24 to 26 and from December 1 to 3.

The duration, format, and modalities of the session will be adapted for distance training.

FRAME training will adapt to the recent period we have been through, trying to answer to the following question: how audiovisual archivists can be prepared to face exceptional events, to prevent risks and organize disaster recovery?

One of the main duties of archivists is to ensure the archives’ preservation, whatever happens, and to give access to collections.

The usual themes of FRAME, which cover every step of the audiovisual archiving management process, will obviously be addressed through online lectures. These presentations will be complemented by experience feedbacks on projects carried out by European and international heritage institutions, and related to some crisis situations (pandemic, floods, fires, hacking, wars…).

Part #1 - November 24 to 26

Preventive conservation
Management of digital archives

Part #2 - December 1 to 3

Rights management
Promotion of archive contents
The provisional schedule with the names of the speakers and intervention topics will be provided in October 2020.

The courses will be provided through virtual classrooms on a dedicated online platform.


What is FRAME?

A training course on audiovisual archiving management, dedicated to the international community of professionals working in the field of audiovisual archives. The courses are delivered in English by recognized European and international audiovisual archives and digital media experts.

FRAME training program is organized by INA since 2010, within the framework of the Creative Europe program, in partnership with FIAT/IFTA and EBU Academy. 


How much?

Fee: EUR 700 per participant (EUR 350 for scholarships)


Which objectives?

In view of the current situation, it is even obvious that audiovisual archives professionals also have to detain strong, updated and multiple skills. This should enable them to adapt to all situations, and in particular crisis situations, thanks to sustainable and future proof knowledge and competencies.

Thus, in line with FRAME initial objectives, FRAME 2020 is designed to respond to the current crisis situation and enable international professionals to face potential future ones, by:

Enhancing and updating international audiovisual archives professional’s skills and knowledge
Developing and reinforcing the European and international community of audiovisual archives professionals
Sharing experiences and best practices, develop new and innovative solutions and create opportunities

LINK TO THE APPLICATION FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TnNsLv2GU4y8coEdny9f63s5ZYQZ6N3ZBdEZyG8vFtM/edit?usp=drive_web

CONDITIONS OF ADMISSION: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-OPHCuLrrD9yQvkuXv4MhIfV6zDzoPt47aJCG33AmTA/edit

More information: frame@ina.fr