Calendar of Forthcoming Training Events

This calendar lists all known forthcoming training events in the audiovisual archiving field, all around the world. The information it contains is taken from the CCAAA website. Should you want to add a training event to the calendar, please visit this page.

24 February - 30 September 2022
FOCAL's Mentoring Programme
We are delighted to announce the opening of our first Mentoring Programme.
Registration Deadline: 07 February 2022
24 February - 30 September 2022
FOCAL's Mentoring Programme
Organized by: FOCAL International
Contact:   info@focalint.org 

Applications are now closed. 

We are delighted to announce the opening of our first Mentoring Programme. This programme will help and provide guidance to people willing to grow a career in the archive industry and to break into the film footage world.


  • Be assigned a dedicated professional to give guidance and advice.

  • Develop skills, experience, and self-confidence.

  • Grow knowledge and increase networking opportunities.

  • Increase ability to set concrete and achievable goals.
    Ask questions and be delivered feedback.


  • Newcomers of the archive/footage world who want an experienced professional to answer questions and help sharpen career strategy and establish a solid road map.

  • Individuals with a professional goal who want a better understanding of the archive industry and who aspire to learn the ropes.
    Students who are open and willing to learn with a passion about a career in the AudioVisual archiving professional field


All mentors are volunteers from across the Audio-Visual industry based in the UK and internationally.

Areas covered by the mentoring programme are:

  • Archival Research, Planning and Management

  • Footage & Content Licensing – Library Management

  • Rights & Policy

  • Post-Production, Digitization & Restoration


  • A monthly online meeting with a dedicated industry professional (Mentor) to advise and provide guidance.

  • An initial online webinar ‘Careers in Media Archiving – Opportunities and Application Tips' with an esteemed panel – 24th February 2022.

  • An online network meeting with all mentorship's participants – July 2022.

  • An invitation and attendance to FOCAL’s Member's Day – September 2022.

  • Promotion and visibility opportunities: profile exposure within FOCAL's website training section & social media.

  • Support throughout the Mentoring Programme from FOCAL team.

  • Free Access to FOCAL’s online webinars.

  • A FOCAL Associate Membership (1st year) upon completion of the Mentoring Programme to include a wealth of membership benefits.

01 June - 31 December 2022
FRAME Mentoring
INA, with the support of FIAT/IFTA & EBU Academy, organises the FRAME training programme, including a mentoring programme dedicated to young professionals, "FRAME Mentoring".
Registration Deadline: 15 April 2022
01 June - 31 December 2022
FRAME Mentoring
Organized by: INA
Contact:   frame@ina.fr 

What is FRAME Mentoring?
The FRAME Mentoring programme is designed and organized by INA with the support of EBU Academy and FIAT/IFTA. For 6 months, you will be assisted by recognized professionals from several European audiovisual archive institutions. The objective: to help you develop your professional project and your career.

The mentorship programme includes:

• Monthly online exchanges with your tutor and experts in your field ;

• Professional immersion for two weeks at INA or in a partner institution ;

• Accreditation to the next FIAT/IFTA international conference, which will offer you an overview of the latest trends in audiovisual archives and an opportunity to develop your network.

For whom?
FRAME Mentoring is aimed at all young professionals in the audiovisual archives field with less than 5 years of experience (in the same position or in a similar position), regardless of their age, nationality, or field of predilection (technical, documentation, production, etc.).

If you meet these criteria, submit your application via the form and join the large FRAME community, a training program funded by the European Union since more than 10 years.

Your participation to the FRAME Mentoring programme (flights, hotels, lunches) is 100% covered by the program.

How to apply?
All you have to do is complete the application form before april 15th. A jury will examine all the applications received and select two participants for this first session of FRAME Mentoring.

21-25 November 2022
FRAME Advanced Tech 2022
One-week training session organized at INA, Paris, dedicated to latest innovation and knowledge on the technical and technological aspects of audiovisual archiving
Registration Deadline: 02 October 2022
21-25 November 2022
FRAME Advanced Tech 2022
Organized by: INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel / French National Audiovisual Institute
Contact:   frame@ina.fr 

What is FRAME? 
Since 2010, INA organises the annual training programme FRAME in partnership with FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is a co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union. The FRAME training programme consists in 4 training actions per year: two training sessions – FRAME Basics for beginner or less experienced professionals and FRAME Advanced for experienced and trained ones – and a mentoring programme addressed to young professionals – FRAME Mentoring. With a comprehensive approach, the FRAME training programme covers each steps and aspects of audiovisual archiving. 

FRAME Advanced Tech 2022 
The FRAME Advanced training session is designed and organised by INA with the support of FIAT/IFTA and EBU Academy. The training programme focuses on the latest and innovative practices of the audiovisual heritage sector. Alternatively, the yearly training session deals with technical and technological aspects of the preservation and management of audiovisual archives (FRAME Advanced Tech), or with documentation and access topics (FRAME Advanced Access). 
In 2022, the FRAME Advanced session will be the “Tech” one, covering topics such as: 

  • Technical chain of audiovisual archiving 

  • Digitisation strategy and technical specifications 

  • Open source solutions for archiving 

  • Risk management and disaster recovery plan

  • Latest developments in digital preservation

  • AI applied to audiovisual archives restoration

  • Environmental impact of digital archiving 

​​​​​Training courses will be designed and delivered, in English, by recognized European and international experts, who will share their best practices, experience and innovation. 

The training session will alternate theoretical presentations and interactive formats: workshops, case studies, feedback experience, etc. In addition, it offers professional visits of INA and of a partner institution, and networking times. 

Who can apply to FRAME Advanced 2022? 
FRAME Advanced is addressed at all European and international working in the audiovisual archives field, regardless of their age, nationality, or field of activity (technical, documentation, production, etc.). However, it is aimed primarily at professionals mastering the fundamental knowledge of audiovisual archiving with previous experience or dedicated training. Basic concepts will not be reviewed during presentations considered as already acquired by participants. 15 applicants will be selected. 

If you are not sure that the FRAME Advanced training session is adequate to your needs, you can complete this questionnaire to help you determine which FRAME training action is made for you. If you have any questions or if you are interested in another FRAME training action, please let us know by email (frame@ina.fr) and we will inform you about next call for applications. 

When and where? 
The FRAME Advanced training session will take place on site at INA, for 5 days, from 21 to 25 November 2022. 

Tuition fees  
Tuition fees cover the costs of the training session organisation, the creation and production of the training programme and training materials, the remuneration of speakers. 

  • For non-scholarship-participants: 1200 Euros

  • For scholarship-participants: 700 Euros

The scholarships will be granted in priority to participants: 

  • From Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Republic of Serbia, Ukraine

  • Or from any other country, demonstrating in a cover letter the need for this financial support, and the impossibility of obtaining such funding from their institution or in their home country 

How to apply? 
To apply to FRAME Advanced 2022, you have to complete the application form before October 2 : https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=rBNBiJye3UCym-3-d-eWVpVvTerpZYRDpayeqdWJmKJUMFUyQjhGMjNPOUpFVFVKQ0oyRDU0QkhRUSQlQCN0PWcu&wdLOR=c0B8B168A-04FA-0745-840E-2464B7C158FD 

For any questions and more information: frame@ina.fr