Calendar of Forthcoming Training Events

This calendar lists all known forthcoming training events in the audiovisual archiving field, all around the world. The information it contains is taken from the CCAAA website. Should you want to add a training event to the calendar, please visit this page.

27-28 April 2021
Cataloguing Masterclass 1: Cataloguing Newsreels and Cinemagazines
Presented by the FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission
Registration Deadline: 23 March 2021
27-28 April 2021
Cataloguing Masterclass 1: Cataloguing Newsreels and Cinemagazines
Organized by: FIAF
Contact:   training@fiafnet.org 

Newsreels and cinemagazines pose particular challenges for cataloguers aiming to comply with FIAF cataloguing recommendations; there are many permutations of title, series, and segments, and as many ways of cataloguing them. This is the first of what is intended to be a series of masterclasses on cataloguing different aspects of cinematographic works, and offers a rare opportunity for cataloguers to hone their skills under the expert guidance of the FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission.

Please note that the participants are strictly limited to a maximum of 12 people because of the intensive nature of this masterclass and the level of commitment required from the participants.

There will be one two-hour online session on each of the two days in which participants will discuss their own attempts at cataloguing newsreels or cinemagazines, and present examples from their own institution’s collections, with an opportunity to find out how others approach such material in their collections. Three experts from the CDC will lead the discussions, offering advice on solutions to fit the circumstances of each participant.

Prior to these sessions, participants will complete a number of preparatory tasks including a cataloguing exercise. They will have four weeks in which to do this. Participation in the online sessions will be conditional on these tasks being completed.

At the end of the workshop, attendees should be able to identify:

sources of information for the work
what elements belong in the construction of the title (issue numbers, etc.)
different types of newsreel and cinemagazine situations
the series in the resource being cataloged
what information to record for the newsreel/cinemagazine and its segments
the relationships to create.

Participants will be asked to complete a quiz to help in assessing what they have learnt.

The masterclass will be conducted in English.

You can find the programme schedule here: https://www.fiafnet.org/pages/Training/Cataloguing-Masterclass-1-Schedule.html

The experts: The masterclass will be taught by Thelma Ross, The Museum of Modern Art, New York (Head of the CDC), Adelheid Heftberger, Bundesarchiv, Berlin (Deputy Head of the CDC), and Natasha Fairbairn, BFI National Archive, London.

There will be not be any fee for this masterclass.

Who should apply?
This masterclass is for people working as cataloguers in a FIAF-affiliated archive. They should have good experience in cataloguing film and a familiarity with the issues that their own collections present. Participants must be prepared to carry out the preparatory tasks within the time allowed, and must have their institution’s sanction to use material from the collection as examples.

Participants must be willing and able to take an active part in the online sessions. A good internet connection and a private space are essential.

Places are limited to a maximum of 12 people. Please fill in this online form if you would like to take part in this masterclass. Note that the selection will be made on the basis of the quality and relevance of the information contained in your application form (experience, motivation), so please fill it in as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

03-09 June 2021
FRAME Access 2021
Since 2010, INA organises the FRAME training programme with FIAT/IFTA and EBU Academy, and with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the EUn. The FRAME Access training session is dedicated to the audiovisual heritage access aspects. It will take place online, in June 3-4 & 7-9.
Registration Deadline: 13 May 2021
03-09 June 2021
FRAME Access 2021
Organized by: Institut National de l'Audiovisuel - INA
Contact:   frame@ina.fr 

What is FRAME?
Since 2010, INA organises the annual training programme FRAME in partnership with FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives) and EBU Academy (European Broadcasting Union). FRAME is a co-funded by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union. The FRAME training programme consists in 3 sessions per year, which cover each step of the audiovisual archival content management.

FRAME Access
FRAME Access training programme:
Social media, virtual reality, immersive experiences, innovative storytelling, podcasts, etc., ways to give access to audiovisual archives and content are constantly renewed. Archive has value, it is a living material, likely to seduce a young audience, to create a link between generations and citizens. Our times, from containment to curfew, show us how much archives can be a resource for media and cultural institutions. But no need to wait for crisis times to think about access policies to archive material.
FRAME Access enables participants to draw inspiration from each other's projects, as well as from trainers’ experiences. Through theoretical or feedback presentations, case studies and participative workshops, they will explore different access models, discover how to design an editorial strategy, address issues of rights management and documentation, which are all essential conditions to give access to audiovisual content. Innovation will be at the heart of the programme, but the basics of archiving will not be forgotten either.
In addition, even if the context requires to organise FRAME Access online, it will provide with the conditions to be a moment of exchange and networking, because FRAME is, over all, a community.

FRAME Access objectives:
- Present and promote innovative and inspiring projects, examples and models of access to audiovisual archives
- Gather European and international professionals working in the cultural industries and media areas, to develop and strengthen their this professional community
- Enable peer-exchange, solutions, best practices and experience sharing between speakers and participants
- Build a common language and shared professional practices

Who can attend to FRAME Access?

FRAME is dedicated to European and international professionals working for the preservation, management and access to audiovisual archives. Professionals from all areas are welcome whether their experience, level of expertise and field of activity. They can work for broadcasters, film archives, galleries, libraries, museums, patrimonial institutions, production companies, etc.

When and where?
The training session will take place online.
Dates: 3-4 and 7-9 June 2021

Tuition fees
Full rate: 500 € per participant
Scholarship rate: 300 € per participant
Based on the European Commission rules, applicants from the following countries are eligible to request for a scholarship: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
3 scholarships are available.

The selection of participants is made based on the profile of the applicants, their professional project and motivation to attend the training session. 17 applicants will be selected and notified by email.

How to apply?
To apply to FRAME Access 2021, you have to fill out the form, in order to present your professional and training background, your professional project, the reasons why you would like to attend the training session. The request for a scholarship must also be done through the form.
The call for applications is open until 13 May 2021 (29 April 2021 to apply for a scholarship); once the selection process done, you will be notify by email whether your application has be selected or not.

To apply:https://www.ina-expert.com/consulting/frame-access-2021-online


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