Resources of the Technical Commission (TC)

Introduction to the FIAF TC resources

Here you will find documents have been reviewed, verified or created by FIAF TC over the years, which may be useful or interesting to the FIAF community. The most recent verification date is shown behind the link. The links are sorted by category: digital, photochemical, collection management, and additional resources. Recently published documents are also shown in “Latest Publications”. If resources are available in other languages, those links are indicated as well with the language abbreviation (ES) (PT) (FR).


Latest publications

The Digital Statement

(See also the Digital Statement menu page)

Digital Film Technology


Photochemical Film Technology

  • Currently operating film labs (photochem and digital). A link to IU’s database which Rachel is updating. (External link, verified September 2023)

  • The Madrid Project database, 1999 research. Database of documents related to the manufacture and processing of cinema film stock, PDFs, accessible to members only. (verified in September 2023)


Collection Management


Additional Resources