Glossary of Technical Terms

The FIAF Glossary of Technical Terms is a list of terms used primarily in the film production and laboratory industry, and is intended both as a resource for film archives and as a repository of terms which are now falling into disuse. The glossary began life as a list of film terms used in the UK, but has been expanded to include terms used in other English-speaking countries.

To use the search engine below, type in your desired term; the results will return all matches which contain that term. To search for entries containing parts of words, use an asterisk at the end of the partial word you wish to search for. Thus ‘Analyser’ will return entries relating to ANALYSER and COLOUR ANALYSER, as will ‘Analy*’. This may be useful for instance where there are regional differences in spelling, such as Analyser/Analyzer.

The glossary is also available as a full browsable list by clicking HERE.