2023 Mexico City Symposium

Session 2 : "Not Without Us: A Historical Examination of Women’s Contributions"

Mexico, 17 April 2023

It is urgent to unveil the paths traveled by women to better understand the present and imagine fairer futures. With the aim of contributing to the recognition and reinterpretation of their legacy, this session will offer a retrospective look that reveals the multiple strategies with which women in cinema have joined efforts to preserve the filmic memory.

Please do not publish or re-use in any way any of these documents without prior permission of the speakers.

Archives Beget Archives: Preservation, Compilation and Female Labour in the Mexican Film Archives

David Wood holds a PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies from the University of London, is a Senior Researcher at the Institute of Aesthetic Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and tutor at the Graduate Degree in Art History from that university. His research interests include Latin American documentary cinema, early cinema, cultural history and theory of film archives, and compilation cinema. He is the author of The Thinking Spectator: The Cinema of Jorge Sanjinés and the Ukamau Group (2017) and co-editor of The Poetry Film Nexus in Latin America: Exploring Intermediality on Page and Screen (2022); Latin American Cultural Studies: A Reader (2018); and Latin American silent cinema: Beginnings, nation, vanguards and transition (2015); in addition to being co-editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies. He has collaborated with institutions such as the Film Archive, the National School of Cinematographic Arts (both from UNAM) and the National Cinematheque (Mexico), as well as with several festivals, including the UNAM International Film Festival, DocsMX and Ambulante. He has done research stays at the universities of Cambridge (United Kingdom), Tübingen (Germany) and Bielefeld (Germany).

“Chronicle of a lady” Feminism archived, the Maria Luisa Bemberg Collection in the Museum of Cinema

Paula Félix Didier

Head of Film Archive (Museo del Cine "Pablo Ducros Hicken")

Thinking the Lebanese film archive in the legacy of Jocelyne Saab

Mathilde Rouxel

Programmer, Researcher and Professor of Film Studies

Film, Feminism and Film Culture in Switzerland 1970-2003: An Archival Perspective

Seraina Winzele is an archivist and film scholar. After her studies in German literature, Film Studies and History (Universities of Zurich and Vienna), she completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Archival, Library and Information Sciences (Universities of Bern and Lausanne). Since 2015, she is the head of the Swiss German branch of the Cinémathèque suisse, the Zurich Research and Archiving Center. In Zurich, she is responsible for projects and collaborations. As part of the project on Swiss women film directors, she has published, conducted interviews and curated film programs, including: “Heute wieder Frauenfilme!” (text for the retrospective “Film.Pionierinnen 1971-1981,” Solothurner Filmtage 2021); collaboration on the interview series “Her Story Box” (2021, in collaboration with the Solothurner Filmtage and the Landesmuseum Zürich); retrospective “CH-Body Politics: Feminist Films of the 1970s” (2022, together with Emanuel Signer and in collaboration with the Film Kunst Festival Porny Days and Kino Xenix). In addition to her work at the Cinémathèque suisse, Seraina Winzeler is working on a dissertation on testimonial practices in feminist and queer documentary film since the 1970s at the Seminar for Film Studies at the University of Zurich, where she held a lectureship in the fall semester of 2022.