PACC meeting in Bologna in June 2022.

FIAF Commissions' Thursday Workshops

Second 2023 Workshop

“Shifting Cultural Practices - Rights Clearance and the Quotation Exception within Film Archives”

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Date: 18 May 2023, 5 p.m. (CET)

Duration: 3 hours (short break included)

Organized/presented by: Matěj Strnad (Host, Head of PACC), Claudy Op den Kamp (Bournemouth University), Adelheid Heftberger and Sabine Lang (Bundesarchiv)

Limited to 20 participants.

Target group: Anyone interested in rights questions, rights clearance issues and how to make your films available.

Content: Part 1 - Despite copyright law being territorial, there are elements that bind those national laws. Countries signed up to the Berne Convention, for instance, share a right to quote copyright works. We mostly understand the right to quote in a textual realm, but what does it mean for films – and film archives? Through a practical exercise, we’ll explore some options. Part 2 - We will present experiences we gained in the Bundesarchiv while embarking on a 5-year-rights-clearance project as well as how we can use the new EU directive of out-of-commerce works. We would like to show that rather than clearing rights we should discuss archival strategies of how to make more films available online based on the legal framework that exists.

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