FIAFcore Launch

The FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission is excited to announce the launch of their FIAFcore ontology. This model builds heavily on preexisting community resources such as the FIAF Cataloguing Manual and the Filmographic and Technical glossaries, while formalising them into an RDF resource for mapping and harmonisation purposes between institutions.

The ontology itself is available on the FIAF GitHub page: https://github.com/FIAF/FIAFcore.

Documentation and other information can be found at https://fiafcore.org. This work is currently available in the three officially supported FIAF languages of English, French and Spanish, with the intention to expand language coverage in the future.

Any feedback on the model, documentation, or terminology translations are welcome, and should be directed to cdc@fiafnet.org.

The CDC would like to thank all of our colleagues from the FIAF archival community who have contributed to this project over the last few months. It is due to your valuable contributions that we are now able to present this as a resource to be shared and used. We will continue working on improving the model and mapping data donations, and will share our findings early next year. We will also schedule outreach activities available to anyone who is interested, so please keep an eye out for upcoming FIAF Thursday Workshops.

Paul Duchesne & Adelheid Heftberger

FIAF Cataloguing and Documentation Commission