FIAF Congress in Amsterdam, 1952

FIAF Congress in Beijing, 2012

FIAF Congress in Sydney, 2015

FIAF Congress

The international film archival community has the opportunity to meet every year at the FIAF Congress. This is the occasion for FIAF archivists and external participants to share their experiences and exchange information and discuss collaborative projects. The FIAF Congress is held every year in a different country, and consists of various sessions on scientific, cultural, historical, legal, and administrative issues. These sessions include a symposium, commissions workshops, open forum discussions, regional meetings, film screenings, social events, and the Federation’s annual General Assembly.

FIAF Congresses are prepared several years in advance. Affiliates interested in hosting a Congress are invited to explore the Guidelines for hosting the FIAF Congress. The hosting archive/city is usually chosen by the General Assembly three years before the Congress is due to take place.

You can find a list of all past FIAF Congresses going back to the very first one in 1939, along with symposium topics, HERE.

You can also find documents regarding past Congresses HERE.