5666 La Jolla Boulevard, #337
La Jolla CA 92037

Individual Contacts:

Cynthia Walk, Chair

History:  U.S. private charitable foundation founded December 23, 2014.

Mission:  The Foundation will support charitable activities related to education and the arts. It intends to collaborate with individual and entity partners in both Europe and the U.S.

First Project: The Foundation's first project is the restoration of the German silent film DAS ALTE GESETZ (The Ancient Law, 1923).The Foundation has agreed to underwrite its restoration, digitization and high-quality publication in an amplified format containing historical and other related information about this important film. It has contracted with the Deutsche Kinemathek in Berlin where Martin Koerber, Director of the Film Archive, is supervising the project.

Origination of grants:  The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. Grant making will be confined to projects identified by the Chair and approved by the Board of Directors.

Selection:  Any project selected must demonstrate a well-conceived and thorough plan designed to  achieve results of the highest quality within a defined time frame.

Amount of grants:  The Foundation is prepared to make grants up to $100,000 for each project. Generally, the Foundation wishes to be the lead donor and underwrite the majority of the costs of a project rather than be one of numerous underwriters. The Foundation will consider providing funds to help a grantee secure a matching grant. No Foundation funds will be disbursed until the entire budget of the project has been secured.

Collaboration:  The Foundation requires that it be fully informed about and appropriately involved in the projects which it funds. The Foundation is not willing to serve merely as a passive funder. The Foundation is not an operating foundation and so, respects that the grantee manages the project.  However, through collaboration and communication with grantees, it hopes to promote relationships and build knowledge that will that will have impacts that go beyond the current specific project.

Prohibitions:  Grants will not be made for:

  • General support and operations
  • Endowment funding or capital equipment
  • Re-grants

Expenditure Responsibility:  For grants to foreign organizations which are not recognized as charities by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Foundation will exercise expenditure responsibility. This involves:

  • Pre-grant inquiry where the Chair makes a reasonable determination that the project meets the guidelines of the Foundation and has a feasible plan and viable budget, and that the intended grantee is capable of fulfilling the charitable purposes of the grant.
  • A written Grant Agreement signed by an officer/director of the grantee that specifies the charitable purpose(s) of the grant and commits the grantee to:

o  Repayment of any portion of the grant not used for the stated purpose

o  Submission of quarterly financial and progress reports

o  Maintenance of separate records reasonably available to the Foundation

o  Not to re-grant without specific, written permission of the Foundation

o  Not to use the funds to influence elections or legislation, or to carry on propaganda or for any non-charitable purpose that could subject the Foundation to taxation.