Laurence Kardish

165 Perry Street, 1B

New York, NY 10014


Mobile and Text: 1- 646 302 2776

F: 1- 212 255 9295




Laurence Kardish, former Senior Curator of Film at The Museum of Modern Art, organized over a thousand film and moving- image exhibitions during his 44-year career at MoMA, borrowing materials from FIAF members for many of these retrospectives and surveys. As a board member of the Fassbinder Foundation, USA, a consultant for the Cohen Media Group’s Quad Cinema, a founder of SaveFilm.org, and a teacher at New York’s School of Visual Arts, Kardish brings an appreciation of and enthusiasm for the critical work done by FIAF members to his current activities. He is also the co-artistic director of Film Columbia, a festival  in upstate New York which includes recently restored films, and is working on a book about Shirley Clarke, a text which would not have been possible without the preservation of Clarke’s films and digital works.