Film & Archiving Division

2-14-1 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022,


T: 81- 3 3280 7576

F: 81- 3 3280 1407



Company Background

Since 1935, IMAGICA Lab.Inc. has been present in the creative industries as an imaging technology company, starting with the Far East Film Laboratory, the first commercial film laboratory in Japan.

IMAGICA Lab. Inc. holds the largest share of the Japanese post- production market, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of IMAGICA Group Inc., a public listed company with subsidiaries in post-production, content production, broadcasting, imaging systems and human  resource  consulting,  and  staffing  for the industry. Operating from six sites throughout Tokyo, the company offers extensive production and post-production services for any content production and distribution, from film, TV, advertising, and mobiles to games.

With long-standing knowledge of film and the newest digital imaging technology, archiving and  restoration  is  one of IMAGICA Lab.’s flagship services, which include processes such as film developing and printing, and duplicating of flammable film. Additionally, scanning, digital restoration, film recording for both 2K and 4K, and metadata management systems are key components of the services offered by IMAGICA Lab., which differentiates the company as a film laboratory.