Film Heritage & Post-Production
1 quai Gabriel Péri
94340 Joinville Le Pont


Individual Contacts:

Benjamin Alimi

T:  33- 6 35 57 94 95  / 33 1 55 97 39 76

Thierry Delannoy

T:    33- 6 10 64 16 02 / 33 1 55 97 39 70

The historic site where Charles Pathé created in 1906 a major film printing and tinting factory is now the home to Hiventy (Digimage’s new identity), one of the most modern, fully integrated, photochemical and film restoration lab. 
Hiventy team’s unique expertise in film analysis, handling, repair and preservation, together with a deep knowledge of the history of film techniques provide a strong basis to state the art of digital technologies used in modern restoration. 
Hiventy gathers under one roof, in a safe environment specially designed for the handling of nitrate films, all necessary film laboratory equipment (wet gate printing, film processing and cleaning) and the most recent digital technologies in scanning, colour correction or restoration for picture and sound.

Hiventy also supplies film recording for long term conservation together with all delivery formats necessary in the modern all-digital access environment.