Individual Contact:

Arnaud Frilley, CTM Group President



T: 33- 1 40 85 45 45




CTM Group is a privileged partner of Film Archives all around the world. It combines 3 activities:

       -    DEBRIE : French film equipment manufacturer;
       -    CTM Solutions: integration of post-production and archiving solutions;
       -   NINSIGHT: the Media Asset Management and Ninsight software editor.

DEBRIE is one of the oldest film equipment manufacturers dedicated to archives. We offer a full range of professional audiovisual solutions and film equipment: film scanners, inspection and rewinding tables, film cleaning machines.  
Since 1898, Debrie has registered more than 400 patents in France, and has been constantly innovating and designing new solutions for film preservation. 

Today we offer new and refurbished equipment with manufacturer warranty. All our equipment  is available either for sale or rental.  
We worked hard in 2019 in order to present you two of our flagship products: 

- Economical multi-format (8mm - 35mm) film cleaner Compact Clean using environmentally-friendly solvent.
- Small-format (8mm - 16mm) film scanner SCANBOX equipped with 4K camera.

Please feel free to visit our website to find out more about our products: https://debrie.fr/ 
or contact us at  33 1 40 85 45 45, info@ctmgroup.fr