Birkenstr. 47
40233 Düsseldorf
T: 49 211 9666 7480

“People around the globe have seen my films, many have been influenced by them, and some of these films have become classics or cult films. In this sense they no longer belong to me anyways, but instead to a collective memory of cinema-goers of every age and many nationalities. Through the establishment of the foundation and the associated acquisition of rights and the subsequent restoration of the films, it is possible that in the future my work will only belong to itself and thus to everyone." (Wim Wenders)

In the fall of 2012 this desire began to be fulfilled. The establishment of the Wim Wenders Foundation in Düsseldorf created a legally binding framework to bring together the cinematic, photographic, artistic and literary lifework of Wim Wenders in his native country and to make it permanently accessible to the general public worldwide. In this spirit, the foundation’s non-profit model ensures that the work remains outside of any private ownership interests.

All revenues are used to finance the foundation’s main purposes: preserving, maintaining, researching and disseminating the work of Wim Wenders, promoting young talent in the field of innovative cinematic storytelling and imparting film knowledge to young film audiences.