L'Image Retrouvée


140 Boulevard de Clichy

75018 Paris


T. 33-1 45 22 08 89




L’Image Retrouvée is situated in the heart of Paris, Place de Clichy, and is dedicated to the restoration of film heritage. The French branch of L’Immagine Ritrovata provides a film restoration facility in the centre of Paris offering a wide range of services from film repair to 4K colour grading, through soundtrack scan and digitization along with acclaimed know-how and the best technology available today. Created with the support of Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna with which it collaborates closely, L'Immagine Ritrovata is considered an international benchmark thanks to its methodology, tireless research and the scope of its work in the restoration of world cinema heritage. Based in Bologna, Paris, and Hong Kong, we continue to develop a group which combines craftsmanship and technical know-how, skilled at working with analogue film and digital processes in the service of œuvres, auteurs and film.