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FIAF Digital Projection Guide

Are you ready for digital projection?

FIAF has published an extension to The Advanced Projection Manual written by Torkell Sætervadet in 2006. This new manual guides film archives and cinémathèques through the topics of D-cinema and digital projection.

Topics include:

- What is D-cinema and what are the alternatives?
- Pixel – the digital picture element
- The DCP format
- Digital projection systems
- 3-D systems
- External digital sources
- Sound for D-cinema
- Choosing the right equipment
- Maintenance and troubleshooting

The FIAF Digital Pojection Guide Projection is sponsored by the Norwegian Film Institute, the Giornate Del Cinema Muto and FIAF.

Release date: 15 December 2012.


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  The Advanced Projection Manual

The Advanced Projection Manual is designed to provide cinema engineers and projectionists with the necessary technical know-how and hands-on advice.

The book also includes a much-needed introduction to electronic and digital projection technologies.

The Advanced Projection Manual is published jointly by FIAF and the Norwegian Film Institute.

FIAF/Norsk Filminstitutt, 2005, 266p., color illustrations, 55.00 €

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  This Film is Dangerous - A Celebration of Nitrate Film

This book's 720 pages offer text by more than 100 contributors from 35 different countries, illustrated by 350 pictures from over 90 sources.
Editor: Roger Smither
Associate Editor: Catherine A. Surowiec

FIAF, 2002, 720p., illus., 60.00 €

  Cinema 1900-1906 : An Analytical Study

Proceedings of the FIAF Symposium held at Brighton, 1978. Vol. 1 contains transcriptions of the papers. Vol. 2 contains an analytical filmography of 550 films of the period.

FIAF, 1982, 372p., 44.00 €
  The Slapstick Symposium

Dealings and proceedings of the Early American Slapstick Symposium held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, May 2-3, 1985.

Edited by Eileen Bowser.

FIAF, 1988, 121p., 24.00 €
  A Handbook For Film Archives

Basic manual on the functioning of a film archive. Edited by Eileen Bowser and John Kuiper.

FIAF, 1980, 151p., illus., 30.00 €

(either French or English version)
  American Film Index, 1908-1915. American Film Index, 1916-1920

Index to more than 32.000 films produced by more than 1000 companies. "An indispensable tool for people working with American films before 1920 " (Paul Spehr).
Edited by Einar Lauritzen and Gunar Lundqvist.

Volume I : 45.00 €
Volume II : 50.00 €
2 Volume set : 80.00 €

  Annual Bibliography of FIAF Members' Publication

Published annually since 1979 (in English and French):
11.00 € (each volume)

  50 Years of Film Archives 1938-1988
(No longer available) 

FIAF yearbook published for the 50th anniversary, containing descriptions of its 78 members and observers and a historical account of its development.

FIAF, 1988, 203p., illus., 27.00 €

Rediscovering the Role of Film Archives: to Preserve and to Show
(No longer available) 

Proceedings of the FIAF Symposium held in Lisboa, 1989.

FIAF, 1990, 143p., 30.00 €

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