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The FIAF Directory contains the names of all FIAF Affiliates Institutions listed in alphabetical order of the cities in which they are located. The total number of Affiliates at the 1st of June 2012 was 156.

Furthermore, the FIAF Directory lists the names and addresses of the FIAF Honorary Members, the FIAF Executive Committee, the FIAF Specialized Commissions, the Editorial Board of the Journal of Film Preservation, the Regional Grouping and the FIAF Office in Brussels.

The FIAF Directory also lists those institutions, Companies and individuals (over 20 addresses) that do not qualify for FIAF Membership but wish to support and adhere to FIAF's activities and principles. These are at present listed under the category of FIAF Donors.

To find the contact information (email, phone, fax, postal address) of any FIAF affiliate, please use the search tool on the homepage

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