Reto Kromer teaching. Photo courtesy of the Film Heritage Foundation

FIAF Commissions’ Thursday Online Workshops in 2024

In September 2022, the FIAF Commissions launched a new series of online workshops covering  a wide range of topics discussed in FIAF. The basic idea is rooted in what libraries have done for some time now and which is called Library Carpentry. Rather than inviting external experts, trained people from libraries teach each other basic concepts which will also revolve around data literacy (introductions to Open Refine, Python, GitHub etc.). We could expand that format and think of other ones to accompany this very technical focus.

We also want to address current debates revolving around sustainability, long term archiving and online presentation. How can we digitize, archive and present digital media by taking questions of rights, formats and the environment into consideration?

The workshops are planned as virtual events for the moment and might later be extended to in-person events.

Possible formats include presentations plus a panel discussion and hands-on teaching. More can be developed as we gain experience. We don’t aim at experts. Usually, no previous experience is required. Advanced levels are marked as such and will provide knowledge for those who want to explore topics into more depths. The number of participants vary depending on the nature of the specific workshop, but is generally be limited to enhance knowledge transfer and discussion. No fee is charged, but participants have to register and places are limited. Information on how and when to register will be posted below.

Thursday Online Workshops in 2024:

13 June 2024

5pm (CET)

“Detecting and curating harmful language in cultural heritage collections - the DE-BIAS project in theory and practice”

Duration: 2 hrs

Organized/presented by: Adelheid Heftberger (Host, Head of the CDC and Editor of Treasures), Kerstin Herlt, Julia Welter, (DE-BIAS Project Coordination; DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum), N.N. (The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision).

Limited to 20 participants.

Target group: Everyone who wants to raise archival awareness about language and would like to update descriptions of the archival records. 

Content: Partners from the DE-BIAS project will give an input statement and conduct a workshop with practical examples. We will discuss the challenges such as the size of our collections, the complexity of the undertaking,  how to involve marginalized communities, and how to overcome lack of knowledge or awareness.

More information about the project can be found here.

Registrations are now closed. Selected candidates will be notified by email and will be given their preparatory homework (if applicable) by Thursday 6 June.

17 October 2024

1pm (CET)

“Contributing to the FIAF Treasures from the Film Archives - How to do it yourself”

Duration: 2 hrs

Organized/presented by: Adelheid Heftberger (Host, Head of the CDC and Editor of Treasures), Julia Welter (Data Editor and Archive Support Agent), and members of the Treasures Task Force of the CDC.

Limited to 10 participants.

Target group: Everyone interested in providing or updating their data on the FIAF Treasures database. No previous experience with the Treasures upload-function necessary.

Content: The FIAF Treasures from the Film Archives, which provides unique information about over 60,000 silent-era holdings from 110 different film archives, is conceived as a tool to aid the work of preservation, research and film exchange between film archives. The CDC strives to give contributing archives more freedom to update information on their holdings. Thus we would like to introduce our new upload-tool and explain how to use it.

Registrations will open in September 2024.

14 November 2024

5pm (CET)

“Workshop/Discussion “Green Archiving” - Eco-Friendly Practices in Use in the Film Archives”

Duration: 2 hrs

Organized/presented by: Adelheid Heftberger (Host, Head of the CDC), and Reto Kromer (reto.ch GmbH), Clément Lafitte (University of Udine, PhD), N.N.

Limited to 20 participants.

Part 1: Presentation by Reto Kromer on how to make your streaming files more eco-friendly.

Part 2: Round table discussion on preservation practices that can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of film archiving, moderated by Clément Lafite.

Target group: Digital preservationist, archivists responsible for creating sustainable workflows and basically everyone interested in the topic of how to make our archives “greener” and climate friendly by starting with small steps. 

Content: We will look at adjustments which are comparatively easy to apply in archival preservation workflows. We will also discuss sustainable formats for AV material on a very practical level. Furthermore we aim to engage in a discussion and exchange of practices within the group.

Registrations will open in October 2024.

Past 2024 workshops:

7 March 2024

5pm (CET)

“CEN 15907 in practice: Using the Variant in the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC)”

Duration: 2 hrs

Organized/presented by: Adelheid Heftberger (Host, Head of the CDC), Katerina Kampoli (Film Cataloger, CNC), and Tristan Gomez (Database Administrator, CNC).

Limited to 20 participants.

Target group: Everyone interested in cataloguing using the CEN 15907 and particularly in understanding how to implement the Variant. This workshop will be most beneficial to experienced catalogers/information specialists but might be interesting also to those with an interest in the topic.

Content: The presenters will explain the way the CNC has implemented and adapted the CEN 15907 in “Garance” the institution’s new cataloguing tool. Then, the focus will shift on cataloguing in a 4-tier level using the optional variant level, illustrated by many examples. After the presentation the participants will address questions, share their thoughts and discuss the examples given beforehand.

Presentation slides of this workshops are available HERE.

23 May 2024

11am (CST)

"Introducción a los metadatos para la descripción central de recursos de imágenes en movimiento: aplicaciones según FRBR, RDA, EN15907" (en español)

Duración: 3 horas

Organiza/presenta: Adelheid Heftberger (Anfitriona, Directora del CDC), Circe Itzel Sánchez González (miembro FIAF CDC, UNAM, Ciudad de México)

Limitado a 20 participantes.

Dirigido a: personas interesadas en la catalogación de recursos de imágenes en movimiento que deseen actualizar sus conocimientos sobre su descripción normalizada a nivel internacional.

Contenido: La ponente ofrecerá una introducción a las normas descritas a través de la explicación de sus conceptos básicos. Se presentarán ejemplos ilustrativos considerando distintos tipos de recursos de imágenes en movimiento. Al finalizar la presentación se atenderán las preguntas de los participantes.