Other FIAF Books

To order any of the books below, go to the book order form. Please note that some of these books are out of print, and are indicated in the list as "no longer available". The FIAF Secretariat is aiming to digitize these and make them available on the FIAF website as soon as possible.

FIAF Directory / Annuaire / Directorio 2020

FIAF, 2020, 15€

The full listing of all FIAF Members and Associates, as well as FIAF Supporters, and various other contacts at FIAF and partner organizations.

You can also search the Directory via the search engine at the top of every page of the FIAF website.

Technical Manual of the FIAF Preservation Commission

A user's manual on practical film and video preservation procedures containing articles in English and French. (Includes: Basic Film Handling; Preservation of Moving Images and Sound; Handling,Preservation and Storage of Nitrate Film; Film Joins (Splices) Comments on Cement and Tape Slices; Basic Principles on Preserving Colour Films Produced in Processes  which used Colour Seperations of Nitrate Film; A discussion Paper on Methods of Copying Tinted, Toned and Stencil-Coloured Films for Preservation and Presentation; Survey of Printing Machines; Acetate or Polyester?)

FIAF, 1993, 192p., 66€


Physical Characteristics of Early Films as Aids to Identification

by Harold Brown. Documents some features such as camera and printer apertures, edge marks, shape and size of perforations, trade marks, etc. in relation to a number of early film producing companies.

FIAF, 1990, 101p., illus., 30€

Note that a new, expanded edition is now available here.

Cinema 1900-1906 : An Analytical Study

Proceedings of the FIAF Symposium held at Brighton, 1978.

Vol. 1 contains transcriptions of the papers. Vol. 2 contains an analytical filmography of 550 films of the period. 

FIAF, 1982, 372p., 44€

The Slapstick Symposium

Dealings and proceedings of the Early American Slapstick Symposium held at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, May 2-3, 1985.

Edited by Eileen Bowser. 

FIAF, 1988, 121p., 24€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file)

A Handbook for Film Archives 

(out of print)

Basic manual on the functioning of a film archive.

Edited by Eileen Bowser and John Kuiper. A French version is also available (see below).

FIAF, 1980, 151p., illus.

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).

Manuel des archives du film

Manuel fondé sur l'expérience collective des membres de la FIAF.

Edité par Eileen Bowser et John Kluiper. Version française du Handbook for Film Archives.

FIAF, 1980, 151p., illus., 30€

American Film Index, 1908-1915

American Film Index, 1916-1920 

A two-volume index to more than 32.000 films produced by more than 1000 companies. 

Edited by Einar Lauritzen and Gunnar Lundqvist. 

Volume I : 45€ /  Volume II : 50€ /  2- volume set : 80€

Bibliography of FIAF Affiliates’ Publications (printed volumes)

Published annually from 1979 to 2010 (in English and French)

11€ (each volume). To order any of these volumes, please contact the FIAF Secretariat.

You can download the annual Bibliographies of the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Glossary of Filmographic Terms

This second edition terms and indexes in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Bulgarian. Compiled by Jon Gartenberg.

FIAF, 1989, 149p., 45€

Please note that you can also use the online version of the Glossary of Filmographic Terms.


FIAF Classification Scheme for Literature on Film and Television

Second edition revised and enlarged.

Edited by Karen Jones and Michael Moulds.

FIAF, 1992, 50€


Règles de catalogage des archives de films

French edition of "The FIAF Cataloguing Rules of Film Archives" translated from English by Eric Loné.

AFNOR, 1994, 280 p., 25€

 (in French)


Bibliography of National Filmographies

Annotated list of filmographies, journals and other publications.

Compiled by D. Gebauer. Edited by H. W. Harrison.

FIAF, 1985, 80p., 25€


Le Cinéma français muet dans le monde, influences réciproques

Cinémathèque de Toulouse / Institut Jean Vigo for FIAF, 1988, 285p., 21€

Handling, Storage and Transport of the Cellulose Nitrate Film

Guidelines produced with the help of the FIAF Preservation Commission.

FIAF, 1992, 20p. Out of print.

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).

International Index to Film Periodicals (printed volumes)

Published from 1972 to 2012

Back volumes: 150€ 100€ / each volume [To order, please contact directly the P.I.P. Editor]

The International Index to Film Periodicals is also available in electronic format as part of the FIAF Databases.

Preservation and Restoration of Moving Image and Sound

A report by the FIAF Preservation Commission, covering in 19 chapters the physical properties of film and sound tape, their handling and storage, and the equipment used by film archives to ensure for permanent preservation.

FIAF, 1986, 268p., illus., 42€

FIAF Symposium Karlovy-Vary 1980 - Problems of Selection in Film Archives

FIAF, 143p., 10€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF)

FIAF Symposium Rapallo 1981 - L'Europe des téléphones blancs 1935-1940

Compte-rendu du Symposium historique à Rapallo à l'occasion du 37ème Congrès de la FIAF, 4-9 May 1981

FIAF, 87p., 10€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file)

FIAF Symposium Varna 1977

L'influence du Cinéma soviétique muet sur le cinéma mondial / The Influence of Silent Soviet Cinema on World Cinema

FIAF,  10€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).

The LUMIERE Project: The European Film Archives at the Crossroads

This book examines the challenges of film preservation at the brink of a new millennium, raising some vital issues along the way.
Edited by Catherine A. Surowiec.

Published by The LUMIERE Project, Lisbon, 1996.

264 p., illus., 50€


La Conservation des Films

par Herbert Volkmann

Un rapport de la Commission de Conservation de films de la FIAF.

1967, FIAF, 10€

International Index to Film Periodicals: Subject Headings

(out of print)

7th revised edition.

Editor: Rutger Penne

FIAF, 2001, 123p., 25€

International Index to Television Periodicals (printed volumes)

(out of print)

Published from 1979 to 1990.

The International Index to Television Periodicals is also available in electronic format as part of the FIAF Databases.

International Index to Television Periodicals: Subject Headings

(out of print)

Editor: Michael Moulds

FIAF, 1996

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).

International Directory of Film and TV Documentation Collections

(out of print)

Edited by René Beauclair, with the assistance of Nancy Goldman.

FIAF, 220p., 1994


Le jeu des catégories – The Categories Game

(out of print)

A survey by the FIAF Programming Commission offering listings of the most important films in various categories such as film history, film and the other arts, national production and works in archives. Covers some 2.250 titles, with several indexes.

FIAF, 1995, 30€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).


 Film Preservation

(out of print)

by Herbert Volkmann

FIAF, 1965, 60p.

You can download this publication HERE.


Reglas de catalogación de la FIAF para Archivos Fílmicos

(out of print)

Spanish edition of "The FIAF Cataloguing Rules of Film Archives" by the Filmoteca de la UNAM, México, and the  Archivo General de Puerto Rico, San Juan de Puerto Rico.

280p., 25€.

(in Spanish)

50 Years of Film Archives 1938-1988 

(out of print)

FIAF yearbook published for the 50th anniversary, containing descriptions of its 78 members and observers and a historical account of its development.

FIAF, 1988, 203p., illus., 27€

You can download this publication HERE (PDF file).

Rediscovering the Role of Film Archives: to Preserve and to Show

(out of print)

Proceedings of the FIAF Symposium held in Lisboa, 1989.

FIAF, 1990, 143p., 30€