Coenecoop 375
2741 PN Waddinxveen
The Netherlands
T:31-20 56 85 411

Haghefilm Digitaal is a household name among those who consider the preservation of cinematographic heritage an important task. Showbiz magazine Variety once labelled the company “The Gold Standard for film conservation” and this high standard is exactly what the people of Haghefilm Digitaal aim for in their daily work for important film archives.

In its history of over a hundred years, the company has never failed to keep up with the rapidly changing needs of the moving picture industry. Today this century of experience, combined with the advanced possibilities Haghefilm Digitaal can offer in the fields of digital image and sound processing, forms the basis for the lab’s excellent reputation among audio-visual heritage preservation institutions. In order to be able to meet the demand for digitizing strongly deviating film formats that were used at the very beginning of cinematography, a technical possibility has been developed in-house for this purpose. With this technique a number of 90mm-wide “Marey” Chrono-photographical strips and a number of 68 mm wide films have been successfully digitized.

Haghefilm Digitaal can  offer  all  photochemical  processes, as well as  digitization  and  digital  restoration  of  film  material at the highest possible level. Besides the production of all required digital deliverables, Haghefilm Digitaal offers the possibility to transfer digitally restored material back to polyester-based 35mm film for long-term storage.

If you would like to learn more about the devotion of the people at Haghefilm Digitaal with respect to the preservation of historical cinema treasures for the future, please contact Peter Roelofs or René Stapel at Haghefilm Digitaal.