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Journal of Film Preservation

The Journal of Film Preservation (aka JFP) is published by FIAF twice a year. It offers a forum for both general and specialized discussions on all theoretical, technical and historical aspects of moving image archival activities. Articles are written in English, French or Spanish, with summaries in the other two languages.

A new design, combined with a more modern editorial “content” was launched in April 2012. We would like to take the opportunity of this new start in the life of the Journal to try and convince you to subscribe to this exciting publication. Whether you are a film heritage professional, a film studies lecturer or student, or just a film buff, we believe you will enjoy reading the Journal of Film Preservation.

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Past issues of the Journal of Film Preservation are available in electonic form (pdf) here.

The Table of Contents of each JFP issue is available here

Journal of Film Preservation
Half -yearly
ISSN 1609-2694

Chief Editor
Elaine Burrows

Editorial Board Members
Eileen Bowser
Paolo Cherchi Usai
Robert Daudelin

Christian Dimitriu
Jan Christopher Horak
Éric Le Roy
Hisashi Okajima
Catherine A. Surowiec

Thomas Ballhausen
Michel Cadé
Thomas Christense
Ray Edmondson
Olga Futemma
Mimi gjorgoska-Ilievska
Wilma Granda Noboa
Clyde Jeavons
Lisa Johnson Mújica
Norma Rivera
Roger Smither
Jon Wengström

Eileen Bowser
Nicolas Bruwier
Robert Daudelin
Christian Dimitriu

Executive Publisher
Christophe Dupin

Design & Layout
Baptiste Charles
Lara Denil

Faber - Luxembourg

This journal is abstracted and indexed by the International Index to Film Periodicals

The views expressed herein are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of the editorial staff or the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF).

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